About Jencey Consulting


Our mission at Jencey Consulting, LLC is to create the most knowledgeable Pinnacle users in our industry. This is done by building comprehension and understanding of all the features offered within the Pinnacle Automotive Recycling Trading System.


Jencey Consulting, LLC was founded in 2006. Owner, Jen “Jencey” Wilson (formerly Czebotar), developed a passion to help users of Pinnacle Classic System get more out of their software while working for Actual Systems of America (ASA). At the time there was no resource solely dedicated to training and consulting strictly on Pinnacle Classic System. Yard owners depended upon either the URG Training Conference each year or their fellow yard owners for training or consulting for this software. Jen noticed this inherent need for training services within the industry, creating Jencey Consulting, LLC.

Today, Jencey Consulting, LLC offers users of Pinnacle Professional an opportunity to get more out of their Yard Management System through the year by providing onsite and offsite training. With both our onsite and offsite training, our knowledgeable, dedicated team strives to help each client get the most out of their Pinnacle Automotive Recycling Trading System. Jencey Consulting also has short video tutorials available as refreshers, highlighting features to help sustain knowledge from trainings and consultations.

By partnering with Al Lacy Consulting in 2008, Jencey Consulting, LLC was a part of an initiative to convert US and Canadian users of Pinnacle Classic to the new platform, Pinnacle Professional. This was a URG and ASA sponsored effort, bringing together several of the best resources in the industry to help bring the automotive recycling industry in the US and Canada to a more competitive level.

Our Training Staff

  • Jen Wilson – Managing Member / Owner
  • Brad Wilson – Trainer / Conversion Specialist
  • Christina Rodewald – Trainer / Support Specialist
  • Nicole Miller – Support Specialist
  • Dan Thurman – Support Specialist

Staff Experience

Our staff of Pinnacle Professional System trainers has over 20 years of technical knowledge to incorporate into your training session. With a specialized service and sales background, our staff members know how to meet your needs and help your company succeed. We have extensive automobile and automotive parts industry expertise to put toward your current processes to help you enhance your business. We want to see you maximize your Yard Management System with our onsite and offsite training and business consulting. Let us help you be even more successful.

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***Jencey Consulting, LLC has no affiliation with CCC Information Systems. CCC makes no guarantees of the work performed by Jencey Consulting.