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ASA Announces Build Release Coming Soon!

November 11, 2011
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Get your motor running... there some exciting developments on the horizon!

Announced VIA email to Pinnacle Pro yards the following correspondence was sent VIA email 11/11/11:


Pinnacle Pro Yards,

As most of you now have the new Pinnacle Professional build (9/21/11) you’re likely familiar with many of the new and exciting features contained within.  To date this has been Pinnacle’s most substantive release with a particular focus on the Return to Vendor functionality.  We have been hearing great things from our customers regarding the new functionality and features.

As is true with any major release, a few issues have surfaced since getting it into general release.  We understand and appreciate that a few of these items are posing an inconvenience for some of you.  As such, we wanted to provide everyone with an update as we want to resolve these issues as quickly as possible.  Within the next 30 to 60 days we will be releasing a “mini build” that will not only address these few issues, but it will also contain the code for the initial phase of the Pinnacle Tracking Software.  In addition to these Tracking facilities, here are a few of the key items that will be resolved with the upcoming release:

  • Customers with a duplicate name would not get a statement generated. This has been addressed. You can use the A5 report to identify customers with duplicate names as well and compare that with the list in Reprint Statements to identify which accounts (if any) did not get a statement. You can use the Generate Single Statement option for any accounts that did not get a statement generated.
  • A checkmark would be left over when selecting an interchange with the mouse and hitting Enter to search. This has been fixed. In the Find Parts screen, under the Part Search tab, you can now select the interchange with the mouse and use Enter to perform the search without the checkmark lingering. Fixing this issue also fixes an “Out of Bounds Index: Size: ” system warning you may have experienced while selecting interchanges in Find Parts.
  • A part would default in the Item Type field when Select by Group was chosen in  the Tag/Stock/Location search. This has been fixed a part type no longer is selected by default.
  • Removing a brokered part from a quote before the order was saved would cause a system warning. This has been fixed so you can now remove brokered items from a quote before the quote has been saved for the first time.
  • Duplicate email signature. This has been fixed so that emails only send a single signature.
  • •A memory build up would occur (causing slowdowns and lockups) if the RMA tab in the order screen was visible. The issue has been fixed in the next build so the memory build up does not occur if the tab is visible. For the time being, if you find your session slowing down and locking, you can minimize the RMA tab in the order screen, go to Layout > Save Custom Layout, then log out and back in. If the issue is still not resolved, please contact support.

Other less critical fixes will be included in this build as well that are not listed here. We will send out the full list closer to the time the build will be released.

We pride ourselves on the scope of our development and appreciate everyone’s support and comments as we continue to rapidly grow our product.  Pinnacle would not be what it is today without the feedback from our customers!

As always please contact support if you have any questions or concerns regarding the build.

Thank you

Actual Systems of America Support



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