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ASA Releases Final Build Documentation for Summer 2011 Build (Build Date 9/21/11)

October 8, 2011
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Ladies & Gentlemen... we have late breaking news...

***Note: some of you already have the new build but do not have the updated documentation thus I have included everyone on this email***


Pinnacle Pro yards!

I have attached the final build documentation for the new build release. This documentation includes:

  • The original build notes (this was originally sent a little over a month ago)
  • A revised version of the Changes to the Purchase Orders Module
  • A handout for the changes to the Find Parts screen (for reference for your sale staff)
  • A supplemental doc containing additional fixes in the build and a list of current known issues in the build.

Also, there are a couple of items from the documentation I would like to stress:

  • With this new build, we are increasing our minimum requirement for RAM on your Pinnacle Pro server to 8GB. This mainly affects older Pro servers. If you have less than 8GB, there is a high possibility you will see a drop in performance while using Pro. We will be checking the RAM on your systems as we rollout the build and will contact you if your system has less than 8GB of RAM. Please contact support if you have any questions or concerns.
  • Changes are a comin’! There are several changes to longstanding features in this build, all of which represent improvements to the system, but may mean users go about things differently. The primary changes that impact users are:
  • Credit POs are now linked. This will more than likely mean changes for just about EVERYONE, including salespersons, the production staff receiving parts, and the accounting personnel.
  • Additional Questions in the Order Wizard. More questions mean more time. In some circumstances this is preferable as users are now prompted for information that they may have notoriously forgotten to enter before. In other cases, these prompts may pose a hindrance.  To combat this, the order wizard questions are customizable per user so that they can be turned on and off as needed (and on a user basis).
  • Changes to the Find Parts. There are two main changes: the layout and the Text Search. The layout has been changed so that users can see multiple search options on one screen without toggling between tabs. The Text Search has been expanded so that you can perform searches with multiple years and multiple parts, however this expansion has (naturally) resulted in more complication from what the text search was before. Please refer to the documentation for greater explanation on how to use the Text Search.


Please call or email support with any questions you have on the documentation or the build itself. We are still on track to begin releasing the build beginning Monday, October 10. If you have not already emailed or called to inform us of any preference for when you would like the build, please do so as soon as possible. We are happy to accommodate requests to have the build as soon as possible and also to receive the build towards the end of the process.


Thank you

Actual Systems of America Support



FINAL Sept. 21, 2011 Build Documentation and Handouts (PDFs)

Changes to Find Parts handout

Changes to Purchase Orders module revised

Summer 2011 Build Notes supplement

Summer 2011 Build Notes


Original Summer Release Update 6 2 2011


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