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Australian Auto Recyclers Conference 2010

November 21, 2010
Australian, Conference

Beautiful Port Stevens, home to the Shoal Bay Resort & Spa. Nov. 18-20, 2011.

This year was the inaugural Australian Training Conference. Similar to the North American URG/Pinnacle Training Conference held each year. It had a diverse mixture of presenters and sessions covering issues in the industry to features of Pinnacle Professional. The bulk of the attendees were from the Australian contingent of Pinnacle Classic and Pinnacle Professional yards. But they did have a few international visitors that came for the conference:


Bill Stevens from Counts Consulting & keynote speaker

Al Lacy from Al Lacy Consulting

Jen & Brad Wilson from Jencey Consulting

Mike Lambert & John Johnson Jr. a.k.a. Triple J from Buddy Innovations


For us, it gave an opportunity to visit an amazing country and visit some wonderful people. The conference was fabulous and we enjoyed putting faces with many of the users we’ve worked with remotely! If this becomes an annual event we’d love to attend again!


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