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Ez Route Version 5.0- Spring 2013!!

March 25, 2013
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Today I received very exciting news that the newest version of Ez Route will be released this spring!!! Ez Route will have a booth at this years URG conference to demonstrate the product and to give you an idea of all that it can do!

Just to give you an idea in the meantime check out the following:
Our web based version is slated to be released at the URG convention this year. Please stop by our booth and see us to check out the all new Google Maps powered, web based EZ Route. It has become much more than a routing and tracking application.

Just a few of the new features and benefits are:

  • Web based
    • Can be used from anywhere you have an internet connection
    • Updates are installed automatically, no more need to remote to your pc
  • Powered by Google Maps instead of MapPoint
    • Addresses are handled more efficiently
    • Fix an address once, and it is done!
  • GPS tracking included
    • Track all of your drivers progress throughout the day
    • Compare to see if the driver ran the route the way you scheduled them to go
  • Log-ins and features for all departments of your yard (All fully customizable)
    • Owners
      • Dashboard for daily stats and KPI’s
      • Reporting
      • Trends
      • Tracking
    • Sales
      • Dashboard for deliveries being made, time of delivery, $ sales etc
      • KPI’s and reports
      • Communicate with drivers and customers electronically (Send drive an RMA#, special instructions etc)
      • See where the driver is in real time
    • Dispatch
      • Plan routes
      • Track drivers Live
      • Communicate with drivers electronically
      • See if your drivers ran the route the way you had planned it
      • Electronically send pickups and other manifest changes throughout the day
      • Drivers can fill out daily truck inspection forms electronically
      • Drag and drop deliveries from one truck to another
      • Address book that is a pop-up with sat view. Goodbye address issues!
    • Your customers
      • Receive an email or a text of all parts that are coming to them and what time to expect them
      • If a driver should start to run ahead or behind schedule by x-minutes, EZ Route automatically sends your customer an email or text updating them.
      • It also notifies your dispatcher, sales, owners – whoever you choose to receive the updates.
      • Will be able to log in (second release) and communicate with their salesperson – request an RMA, a core PU or maybe a damage credit

Everything is customizable, and you have total control over who sees what. This is much more than just delivery tracking, it is a high level management and communication tool.

EzRoute Map

EzRoute Demo


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