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Jencey Consulting, LLC is a provider of onsite training resources to Pinnacle Classic and Pinnacle Professional users. We have also expanded our services to incorporate offsite training into our program for Pinnacle product users. Through offering both types of training, Jencey Consulting provides the opportunity for each client to choose the option that best fits with their goals and desired results.

Onsite Training

Onsite training is recommended for clients that have recently undergone a conversion, position changes or those needing a refresher on Pinnacle. Having our staff onsite to deliver specialized training provides the opportunity for individualized sessions and site specific Q&A. This utilization of the trainer’s knowledge can cover a variety of topics concerning Pinnacle and allows us to identify possible areas of improvement.

Typical onsite visits are at least two days, giving the site ample opportunity to get the most out of the trainer’s time and experience with Pinnacle products.

Minimum expenses for onsite visits include lodging, transportation, per diem and staff wage requirements.


Consulting visits are ideal for growing your business in relation to how Pinnacle impacts a sites’ workflow and productivity. The consultant would visit your location, primarily focusing on how your business is utilizing the Pinnacle System. This visit would incorporate an overview of how your site currently functions, areas for increased system usage, suggestions or insight into areas, features that could be invaluable to your site and more. Most visits are at least 2 days giving ample opportunity to focus on several areas of the business in regards to Pinnacle. Most consulting visits start with the client having ideas on what areas they’d like to focus on or features they’d like to implement with Jencey Consulting’s assistance; however, this is not a prerequisite for a consultation visit.

Potential expenses for consultation include, but are not limited to: daily wage, transportation, lodging and daily per diem.

Offsite Training

Offsite training is ideal for those clients looking to divide training into smaller blocks of time in order to maximize retention of the material covered. Offsite training can be used to help new hires, fine tune areas that are being under utilized or cover new features and processes within the Pinnacle systems.

Offsite training is provided via the internet using the clients’ server or a training server with simulation data, depending on the clients’ needs. This training eliminates the additional costs associated with onsite training but is limited to two-hour time blocks.

Minimum expenses for offsite training include an hourly fee (charged in 15 minute increments) and any documentation and tutorials provided to the client.

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