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Taking the EzRoute at IT 2011

May 14, 2011
3rd Party Applications, EzRoute, IT

I thoroughly enjoy 3rd Party tools made by Recyclers just like you to solve everyday problems all yards face...

At the URG / ASA 2011 Conference there was the introduction of a small startup called EzRoute. The brainchild of Jim McKinney of McKinney Business Solutions and Karl Milliron of Milliron Auto Parts in Mansfield, OH. After converting to Pinnacle Professional in Fall 2010 they found that although the shipping module did a lot for their business they wanted to take it further. By using visual representations of their deliveriesEzRoute was created. This system quickly optimizes how your drivers should organize their routes and how long they should take each day.EzRoute incorporates the use of GPS Units, Turn by Turn directions (paper or GPS) and route optimization making each driver fast and efficient. What an incredible add-on to Pinnacle Professional’s delivery system.

The above picture was taken at the IT Convention in Holland, OH May 13-14, 2011.

If you’re interested in EzRoute visit their website at


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