Previous Clients

The following listed links are recyclers Jencey Consulting, LLC has previously worked with either for a Pinnacle Professional conversion, Pinnacle consulting or Pinnacle training (onsite or offsite).


“I am very happy with your visit and believe we made some significant improvements.”

Matthew Lacy
Lacy Auto Parts, Inc.

“Thanks again for all you know and how hard you work to instill it into us. You are good and we were glad to have you.”

Greg Peck
Knox Auto Parts

"...I think the Sales Training program gives a good jump start into Pinnacle…"

Greg Condon
Condons Auto Parts

He’s quickly learning the many nuances of the used parts business. The one area where he does have solid footing is on the Pinnacle system thanks to your great coaching. This helped my normal process because we were able to jump straight to sales training.

Phillip Ball
Higgins Auto Parts

Working with Jencey Consulting, LLC…

  1. Extensive product knowledge (still blows my mind) of Jencey
  2. Vast experience
  3. Proven training techniques – you always keep the trainee involved and make sure they have a grasp on the topic before moving forward
  4. Flexibility – more the happy to work in with people
  5. Smaller concentrated sessions as opposed to information overload over one/several days
  6. Significant database of resource materials
Jeff Hume
Total Parts Plus, QLD, Australia

Al & Jen,

Thank you for all the help. Making a major change like this can be very stressful. You helped make it a very smooth transition for all of us at APS and we thank you for that. Pinnacle Pro is an awesome system and we are so happy we made the switch.

Aaron Miller
Automotive Parts Solutions, MN

Jen you were a lifesaver…you did an awesome job!

Amber Elenbaas
Formerly of Pete’s Auto & Truck Parts, Inc., MI

professional and thorough.

Mike Foley
Dixie Auto Salvage, UT

You have once again done a GREAT JOB and helped with all of our questions so Thank You For That!!

Dennis Armentrout
Bruce’s Auto Parts VA

Jencey Consulting’s training has been very helpful. The last time we hired new sales people your schedule was full and we were forced to do it on our own. Sadly, we did not see the results as we have always seen from yours. I think your services have help greatly.

Colby Johnson
Wayne Auto Salvage, Inc.

Al and Jen do a fantastic job ensuring the Classic to Pro conversions are as seamless and painless as possible.

Peter Bishop
Actual Systems of America (ASA), CO

Jen, just wanted to tell you Thanks. We are rockin & rollin today; crediting PO’s and doing RMA’s. The delivery module is awesome. Can't Thank you enough. You were awesome. Thanks Chris

Chris Kellar
I-17 Auto Recyclers

Jen has conducted training classes with our staff on multiple occasions. Each time Jen has given us effective, in depth training that has brought our new employees up to speed faster. She is an expert in Pinnacle and has a great understanding of our industry.

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
LinkedIn Recommendation April, 1 2013

Brian Shell
Go Auto Recycling, FL

I would definitely recommend Jen Wilson for training; she knows what she is doing and is a great teacher!

Top qualities:Personable, Expert, Good Value
LinkedIn Recommendation March, 22 2013

Jenny McDonald
Grand Valley Auto Parts, Inc. MI

Jen is an industry expert on the Pinnacle yard management system. In addition to mastering the computer system, Jen has a well rounded business understanding of the salvage vehicle industry. She is dedicated, hardworking and brings a great deal of knowledge to her consultations. Our business has benefited financially and operationally from Jen's training and consulting.

Top qualities:Great Results, Expert, Good Value
LinkedIn Recommendation March, 18 2013

Thomas Andrade
Everett's Auto Parts, MA

Jen is an excellent teacher, she helps people at all levels of computer literacy become proficient in PinPro. She is patient, thorough, and knowledgeable.

Top qualities:Great Results, Personable, Expert
LinkedIn Recommendation March, 19 2013

Amber Elenbass
Pete's Auto & Truck Parts, Inc., MI

Jen made us an incredible webpage and updates it whenever she is asked!

Top qualities:Great Results, Personable, Expert
LinkedIn Recommendation March, 15 2013

Dave Kanze, DO
Osteopathic Wellness Center, CO