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ASA Releases Highlights for Features & Fixes in Early 2012 Build Release

January 15, 2012
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The details are what matter... every little tweak, decision and improvement takes time and effort.

Actual Systems is busy making Pinnacle Pro better than ever with adding new features and fixing items from previous builds. There isn’t a more robust system out there and with all this development, just imagine where it’s going to be in another year!! Can’t wait!


The following email was released by ASA:


Pinnacle Pro Yards!

We have beta testing the next Pinnacle Pro build release and we believe we are near completing that process. As such we wanted to send you a brief document illustrating the some of the new features and fixes involved with this release. The build contains mostly fixes, but there are a couple new features, including the ability to split parts onto another order. Not mentioned in the document is the introduction of an exciting new tracking feature to the Pinnacle Pro shipping module, which encompasses a new shipping device. This tracking device will show all the orders a driver will need to both pick-up and drop-off at a given location, allow the driver to scan and process those parts seamlessly (taking pictures if parts have been damaged), and then save the customer signature electronically. Each step of this process is logged and the history  can then be accessed via a webpage by hitting the Track Package button in the order screen in Pinnacle Pro.  All of this information will update while the driver is on their route if using a 3G connection (but the device can also be used off-line, with the information updating as soon as the device is back on a local network or re-establishes a 3G connection).


Please contact support for more information on the new tracking device or any other questions on the build.


Thank you

Actual Systems of America Support



Winter 2012 build highlights


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