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There’s A New Build Coming

January 11, 2011
2011, Build Releases

Something new amongst all the classics...

Upon hearing there is a new build being released for 1/11/11 we sent an email following Actual Systems Release notes to our clients. The following is the email:


Subject: New Build Update: Build Date Tues. Jan 11


Good Day Everyone,

By now all of you should have been contacted by ASA and either have or will be soon receiving the newest build release from Pinnacle Pro. Attached is another copy of the current build documentation. The following is a list of some of the changes that have been updated in the build as well as a few items listed in the build notes:

  • WO Items that are OVERDUE based on Expectant Date & Time to make the color change. Keep in mind many users are blocked form Switch Look & Feel because of the option to change the word METAL or to keep the colors consistent amongst all users.
  • Warranties that are hidden now no longer display on the Warranty Drop Down in the Order Screen or the Order Wizard.
  • Order Screen now allows the order to be changed for who wrote it up. Previously the users only had ONE CHANCE to change the name. Because of this change security is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED on this field.
  • They changes the Dynamic Stats in Management; if you are looking for the table with the summary of each user pick the following criteria: USER SUMMARY / TABLE. The system will automatically change it to the table view when USER SUMMARY is selected.
  • Bulk Repricing can now be done with a percentage not just a dollar figure. The ability to reschedule a delivery from the Driver Panel.
  • Alternate Items now indicates if any of those parts are in Resolutions.
  • •Can now remove from dispatch Brokered and Extra sale parts – these could not be done before.

I hope all is well with you and your staff.

PinPro Release 12 31 10


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