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Waste Recycling News: Mascot Madness Vote for Scrappy!!!

March 18, 2013
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Scrappy Mascot

Scrappy Metro Recycling’s mascot has made it to the final four!! The following email sent by Neil Samahon details what’s been happing in the Mascot Madness:

….And the crowd goes wild! Follow the link to vote in the next round:

Thanks to you Scrappy has made it to the final four of Waste News & Recycling’s Mascot Madness.

But it’s no time to sit back on what you’ve done so far. We need your help once again. This is what they’re saying in the latest update at the publication:

“Taking nothing away from Scrappy and Recycling Ben, but Phil MeeYup and ReUseIt/Capt. Cleanup have been extremely impressive so far. And by impressive, I mean workers in Columbus and Houston must be spending their lunch hours stuffing the ballots (which of course, we encourage)….I like the underdog, so I don’t want to count Scrappy or Recycling Ben out, but it is hard for me to imagine that one of Phil MeeYup and ReUseIt/Capt. Cleanup won’t ultimately be our champion this year. Then again, they don’t him Scrappy for nothing.”

This sounds like a challenge to me.

So won’t you vote for Scrappy again? Vote as often as you can! Tell all your friends. Post it on your Facebook pages. Get the vote out for Scrappy.

I mean really look at what Scrappy’s up against, corny named mascot’s like Recycling Ben, Phil Mee Yup and then there’s ReUseIt/Capt. Cleanup. Really?

Scrappy on the other hand is a turtle, a species 220 million years old looking to live another day (or round), to teach the world about Recycling…….

Follow the link and vote

Oh…and for those of you that are ISRI members. If I’m not mistaken Scrappy is the only ISRI Member in this competition…get other members to vote let those of us in the Recycling business and not the Waste Industry prevail! (I’ve got to try all angles)

Thanks for your votes and effort!

Neil Samahon
Metro Recycling
Blue Island IL, Griffith IN, Valparaiso IN


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